Why Use Us?

It started several years ago, primarily with Century, because that is what Skipper Rudy drives.  As time went on, requests came in from restorers, clubs and individuals. Today we can provide lines such as; Century, Hacker Craft, Gar Wood, Chris Craft, Higgins, HiLiner, Glasspar, Ventnor, Wagemaker Wolverine, and others.

SkipperRudy strives to create burgees as accurate as possible with today’s equipment and materials.  Research on each line is extensive in a variety of ways, thru live samples, brand experts, catalogs and brand clubs.  We currently are in the hunt for Dorsett and Feather Craft.

We ship can ship worldwide and have helped customers in Australia, Canada, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, France and New Zealand (via Katz Marina)! 

Just take a look at some of our testimonials!  Also see this WoodyBoater article.