Century Bow Poles

Made of Khaya mahogany or walnut. Can also be used for 1966 – 1997, fits into chrome bow pole base #794 (not included) that would be attached to the bow light.  Metal pole is listed below.
#4 Mahogany - sanded and ready to be finished.

For 1957-1966, fits directly into bow light.

For 1967 and later you would need chrome pole base #794 (not included) to attach to bow light. It can be found here

#4 Walnut - sanded and ready to be finished.  For boats that had walnut deck inlays 1970-1997.  You would need chrome pole base #794 (not included) to attach to bow light. 


#3 Mahogany- sanded and ready to be finished.
Thumb Nut and Bolt not included. 

For Century models; Coronado 1955-58, Resorter 1955-57, Arabian 1955-61 and fits into bow light.

This is the wood only and does not include bow light, carriage bolt or thumb nut. 

Metal - Replicated from an original, this metal pole was used for several years on Coronado, Arabian and Resorter models in the early 1959-1966. Show grade chrome plated brass with stainless steel locking ball.  Holes are spaced 1" and 11" from the top for 10" spacing to accommodate your burgee.
$49.99 Mahogany
Sold out

$49.99 Walnut

Special Order Only

$450.00  Metal
Special Order Only

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