Crestliner  1955-1958



Crestliner was founded in 1946 and at its peak, employed 600 workers at various plants in the United States and Canada. Approximately 40 models were made of fiberglass and aluminum boats ranging from 12-19 feet in length.  The company revolutionized the boating world by choosing to weld the boats together instead of riveting them. The extremely smooth boats became a trademark of the Crestliner brand.

The original name of the boat producer was “The Aluminum Boat Company.” In the ‘50s, the name changed to Larson Watercraft, and all of the boat models were call Crestliners. Eventually, the name of the company turned to Crestliner Inc in 1957.

 Over the years, the company was acquired by different brands, including Genmar, Nordic Boat Company, and AMR.

The boats typically range in length between 16 ft to 22 ft. The pontoon boats are their bestselling model.